Photographs from around Woodbury Heights Elementary School

100 Academy Ave, Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 (856) 848-2610   Fax (856)848-8739
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School Closing number is 844.  For more information, please connect to KYW

  • Mission Statement

Through the collaborative efforts of our staff, parents
and the community, the Woodbury Heights Elementary School is committed to:

  • Promoting the educational growth of our students through a challenging curriculum and high expectations,

  • Providing a safe and caring learning environment,

  • Encouraging responsibility in our students, and

  • Develop students' respect for themselves and others.

The skills and attitude developed through this
collaborative effort will enable our students to become productive citizens in society.


100 Academy Ave Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 (856) 848-2610 Fax (856)848-8739

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