Photographs from around Woodbury Heights Elementary School

100 Academy Ave, Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 (856) 848-2610   Fax (856)848-8739
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School Closing number is 844.  For more information, please connect to KYW

  • Board Members


Board of Education Members

Laurie Trocolli - President
Richard Gambale, Jr. - Vice President
Donnetta Beatty
Richard Gambale, Jr.
Jeffrey Brenner
James Kelleher
Shelle McGovern
John Morris


Janis Gansert- Chief School Administrator
Christopher Rodia - Business Administrator, Board Secretary
(Gateway 848-8210 ext. 202)

100 Academy Ave Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 (856) 848-2610 Fax (856)848-8739

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