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Welcome to the Woodbury Heights Guidance
Counselor's Page

  Mrs. Lynne Fletcher is the guidance counselor at Woodbury Heights Elementary School.  She is part time and is in the building Wednesdays and Fridays.  The counselor provides a variety of services to our students and families which are listed below.  You can reach the guidance counselor by calling the school at 856-848-2610.

Individual Counseling:
    Students are referred to see the counselor by parents, school staff, or often seek counseling on their own.  Children receive support from the counselor on a variety of topics such as: making friends, social skills, conflicts with peers, family changes, problem solving, grief, anger management and self esteem.
    If a child would like to see the counselor they may let their teacher know or put a request in the guidance counselor's mailbox.  Parents may call the guidance office to conference by phone or in person regarding concerns about their child.

Group Counseling:
    Mrs. Fletcher offers a variety of counseling groups throughout the school year.  These groups generally meet for 4 or 5 weeks and are designed to be fun and educational.  The children learn together through discussions, activities, and role playing.  Parents are contacted be letter before the group begins and are asked to sign a permission form for their child to participate.  Some topics that are often addressed in groups are:  New Student Transition, Friendship Skills, Anger Management, and Divorce/Separation in families.

Classroom Lessons:
    The counselor will teach a few lessons each year in each classroom.  The  lessons follow our districts' character education curriculum and are tailored to the social and emotional needs of the students in each class.  Some of the topics included in the lessons are:  identifying and expressing feelings, communication skills, problem solving techniques, friendship skills, and anger/stress management.

Thank you for visiting the Guidance Page.  I look forward to working with you and your child this year!

Mrs. Lynne Fletcher 856-848-2610 ext. 403



100 Academy Ave Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 (856) 848-2610 Fax (856)848-8739

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