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100 Academy Ave, Woodbury Heights, NJ 08097 • (856) 848-2610 •  Fax (856)848-8739
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School Closing number is 844.  For more information, please connect to KYW

Child Study Team

Preschool Program (PSD or integrated)

Preschool Disabilities Programs: School districts in New Jersey are obligated to provide educational programs to children from ages 3 to 5 who demonstrate developmental delays. These children are evaluated by a Child Study Team and, if special education is warranted, the child is recommended for a classification of Preschool Child with a Disability

Integrated Preschool: The district’s Preschool Inclusion Program will enroll preschoolers with disabilities, along with typically developing children, if appropriate, in order to provide public school opportunities according to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Program Goals:

  • To provide a curriculum for each preschool child based on individual differences and abilities

  • To provide experiences that meet each child’s needs, to stimulate learning in all developmental areas (physical, emotional, social and cognitive) and curricular areas (language literacy, mathematics, social/emotional development, social studies, science, world languages, creative arts and health, safety and physical development)

  • To provide opportunities to develop relationships, interactions and activities-these are designed to develop children’s self-esteem and to engender positive feelings towards learning and towards other students

  • To provide opportunities for the children to participate in small and large group activities to the best of their abilities

  • To provide opportunities in all areas of language development-listening, speaking, reading, thinking and expressing themselves in various ways

  • To provide experiences in gross motor skills (running, skipping, climbing) as well as fine motor activities (writing, cutting, coloring)

  • To provide daily opportunities for a wide range of musical and movement activities

  • To provide experiences in gross motor activities (running, skipping, climbing), as well as fine motor activities (writing, cutting, coloring)

100 Academy Ave • Woodbury Heights, NJ • 08097 (856) 848-2610 • Fax (856)848-8739

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